World War 3 III Euro Battles




    World War III Euro Battles
    Commander, lead your soldiers to protect your people and win the war !Lead your army to the Conquest of Europe in World War 3.

    Enemies are invading our border.Get ready to fight the deadliest world war 3 battles of the 21st century in bases full of monstrous enemy military base. The rivalry forces have attacked yor your people and base and your base with the military tanks, soldiers, Humvees and Rocket Tanks has turned it into battlefield. The enemies are in the ferocious tanks that are loaded with explosive weapons. You being the general need to destroy the deadly beasts in the best way possible and capture enemy base by totally destroying their military forces.Save your people form enemies attack.

    You will be battle in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, England, Turkey, Russia and eventually USA. So, General lead your army very carefully and deploy them wherever you an destroy enemy ground forces.

    Enjoy this free epic world war 3 real time strategy game!

    How to play:
    Click on the left bottom to choose the soldier/army unit, and then tap anywhere to deploy.Use the joystick on the right to move the scene.But choose your strategy carefully,some soliders are accurate and have long attack distance,tanks can attack all units in the area,robots are very powerful.

    Many maps to play.Deploy units anywhere you like.
    More than 12 different units all accurately researched and carefully modeled in amazing detail.Including human infantry,robots and tanks.
    Almost infinite number of equipment combinations.

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