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    Published: 2016-12-07, by .

    Once again, another zombie apocalypse, once again, kill them all

    • Fun arcade shooting gameplay
    • Very easy to pick-up and play
    • Great time killer
    • Slow gameplay progression
    • Becomes tedious
    • May not register your shots

    "Just another day in zombie-infested city"


    It’s the end of days. You’re the only one left. All of your loved ones have become zombies. But, you’re proficient in weapons. That means it’s time to get to work. In Z Buster for the Android and iOS, you’ll take out zombies with your trusty weapon. Each level works with a day system. Each day brings a new challenge, like taking out a certain number of zombies, killing more with headshots, and surviving incoming waves. After each day, you’ll earn cash to upgrade your weapons. More levels and challenges are unlocked after certain days. So get shootin’.


    Z Buster is strongest when it focuses on its casual gaming premise, mainly providing arcade shooting gameplay with good cartoony graphics and delightful gameplay you can pick-up and play quite easily, making for a perfect time killer.


    Z Buster is weakest when it focuses on bringing you long-term gameplay content, with overall gameplay progression feeling far too slow and not really giving you a reason to keep coming back for more, since gameplay quickly becomes tedious and the game often doesn’t register your taps.

    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Dec 07, 2016


    Get ready to meet and defeat legions of zombies all over the world at the end of days. Use a highly diverse arsenal of weapons - modern, laser, explosive and more - to take care of the hilariously dumb Z's before they bite you for good! Earn more and more bucks each given day to upgrade your weaponry and supercharge the power ups to have the greatest zombie busting time ever in your life!

    * Gorgeous cartoon visuals
    * Magnificently animated characters
    * Smooth and addictive gameplay
    * Great weapons of choice
    * Simple and intuitive upgrade system
    * Full retina display support
    * Google Play support

    * Swipe on the left side of the screen to control the camera
    * Shoot and slow down time with the buttons on the right side

    * Zombies react to your doings, so hitting them will draw aggro
    * They become more aggressive over time
    * Always look out for them on the left and right side
    * Keep slow time filled up for the harder situations
    * Upgrade the weapons and power ups to maximize your damage output
    * Last but not least, bring defibs for longevity...

    Please rate the game and submit your feedback for further improvements!

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