Zombie Graveyard VR Shooting




    Are you a fan of VR device ? Flipwired 3D Games is here to quench your thirst for VR shooting and snipe games. Packed with amazing 3D visuals, Zombie Graveyard VR Shooting is a virtual reality shooter game that is going to leave you dazzled for hours. It is not for the faint hearted! Zombie VR Shooting is designed for the people who love horror games, VR games and shooting games. Go ahead download it now and get one of the best VR shooter games on the Google Play ! This game is especially designed for people who love new VR games. Situated in a graveyard, this zombie VR game is bound to give you the chills as you see 3D zombies coming towards you in your VR Cardboard.

    It's 1960s and you're an elite shooter who served as an army commando and in intelligence department. Now you are sent to a European country where mysterious deaths occur and people disappear. Your mission was to find what's actually going on and solve this problem. Your commander briefed you on a need-to-know basis . Finally you start to understand , while trying to find clues in the horror graveyard. Dead humans are risen from their graves as Zombie Soldiers and coming towards you.

    kill the undead zombies that are coming towards you with malicious intent . Stop them otherwise after they are done with you , they will go for the civilians and they will keep multiplying .

    Save the world from an outbreak of humans turned into zombies. Become the ultimate commando you once were. Time to battle the undead . This is the time you stop the advancing horde even if it costs you your life. Surviving is an optional objective for you. You must stop the undead. The dead zombie soldiers know no honor or duty, only hunger. When you're walking among the dead your only option is to kill. Shoot your enemies like a cod in a barrel! Show no mercy as the dead soldiers have only one target - to eat you alive and your brain.

    Kill as much zombies as you can. You'll keep getting score for that. There's no one there other than you , keep heavy shooting everything that move . This VR shooter game will allow you to enter a dark and cold world of constant warfare with different kinds of zombies at the hellgate of a sinister graveyard.

    Prepare yourself for zombie shooting action set in an amazingly detailed Euro graveyard. This is not one of your average fighting games. Show them no mercy for they won't show you any. Would you be a survivor or a martyr ? we shall see.

    Modern technology allows this game to look good on all modern mobile phones. zombie Graveyard covered in dirt looks crisp and realistic. Grab your handgun and protect yourself from dead zombie soldiers. Your character is not used to shotguns or sniper rifle guns. Look sharp you might find Mysterious box with gifts in it , might make this game into another sniper VR game , giving you a chance to be a sniper shooter. Everything is possible in this crazy world. Using your 9mm handgun is a choice you made long time ago, still this handgun is the most valuable in all guns games.

    As you are there while zombies are risen, You must act as the last line of defense for Humanity while protecting yourself from an endless onslaught of zombie enemies. You must do what's necessary , shadow fight the zombies or just go crazy on them nothing else matters just what you accomplish. Experience the deadly atmosphere of the zombie highway.

    You will absolutely love this Zombie Apocalypse survival !

    Prepare yourself for the Best VR game ever !


    - Experience the tension in Zombie VR, the best one in all scary VR games
    - Shoot your way through zombie filled mysterious graveyard.
    - Epic Soundtracks
    - Shoot tons of bullets with your Favorite personal handgun
    - Fight and kill horde of zombies
    - Destroy these Undead Filthy creatures and save humanity.

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