Zombie Killer Death Shooter




    World War is chaos; real war has already begun. Everybody is zombie now and eating rest of humanity. You are assigned as Zombie Killer Death Shooter in this action FPS shooting. Target zombies, aim true and kill them with headshot in sniper death shooter arena.

    Real war is of biological weapons and one of them has accidentally entered our environment and it was an airborne virus which turned people into zombies who look for fresh blood and brain to survive. Dead target zombies to save rest of city then regroup with other human beings in the country to build a safe house from zombie attack. So it is time for zombie stand soldier, get your sniper rifles, shot gun and pistol to hunt zombies and target dead to show them that you are killer death shooter for them.

    Zombies die easy with headshots. Aim true and shoot zombie right in the head. Zombie attack can either kill you or can turn you into walking dead. Yes, we mean zombie and then you can be killed by some random bullet in your head.

    Target dead zombies to save the rest of community and hold up a firm zombie assault position to fight them. Do not lose your safe point for zombie combat or you will be an easy target for these walking dead in the land of dead. This is time for you to be zombie killer death shooter and prove your skill to target zombie and zombie survival.

    Wild zombies aren’t going to talk, do not wait and pull trigger on sight to give them peaceful death. Walking dead are coming in waves by hearing gun fire. Every wave of zombies in this dead land is more powerful than last one. Main mission of your stand is to hold them as long as you can. Your sniper rifle and shot gun ammo is limited so hunt zombies wisely with head shots and kill maximum load of zombie apocalypse. Turn this chaos over to lead humanity to safe house.

    Objectives of Zombie Killer Death Shooter:
    Kill zombies and save humanity.
    Waves of zombies are pulling towards you so kill them all.
    Try to hold them as long as you have brain in your skull.
    Do not let them bit you or you are one of them.

    Why you should download it:
    Unique mission to play.
    It is all about to stand longer.
    Wave system of zombies make it realistic.
    Realistic guns are used to kill zombies dead.
    Real zombie attack and death aminations.
    Auto reloading of guns save you time to kill walking dead.
    Real sounds of zombies make this game to stand out.

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