Zombie Shooter - Deadly War




    This world is occupied by walking zombies, crows, dogs and spiders, you must fire or explode them with different types of guns. Bring back this apocalypse zombie world to normal which is captured long years ago, so that all of our human beings can start live here! You can unlock different avatars like extreme lady fighter, Rambo mass fighter by unlocking achievements and collecting gold coins. Also experience different environments! You will be given daily activities to reach a certain distance which intern gives you more rewarded coins as a special achievement. Survival is the key, ramp up with your fps and use shotgun against to kill horror stupid zombies those steal your destiny and causes death. Run as much distance as possible and make this world as zombie free world! Unlock different grenade, trigger options where you can feel various shooter options. Beware of undead spider evil!

    1. Game optimized for all Android devices and less file size
    2. Difficult missions, characters/avatars to unlock
    3. Variety of Weapons to upgrade
    4. Get into ongoing action chapter in dead abandoned zone
    5. Classic special arcade game play with pixel art resident zombie game
    6. More achievements to unlock
    7. Limitless game play with more adventure which keep you engage

    Tags: tireur de zombie mobi2fun mobile... tÉlÉcharger

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