Zombie Texas Village




    The ULTIMATE Zombie game in the play store has arrived with a bang. Zombie Texas Village is set in the zombie village in texas USA. Enter a dystopian zombie-filled village world where everything is in zombie chaos. Its the battle of plants or vs the zombies. You will be the only remaining surviver of this zombie-apocalyptic dead world. The dead has their target on the humans and they will kill if there is one in front of them. Become the Zombie smasher in this Zombie Texas Village and win back the world that was once belong to mankind. battle with the zombie frontier so that you can win the world from them zombies. Battle for the survival of the plants by vs zombies.

    This Zombie Texas Village is packed with awesome Zombies fun graphics. This game will blow your zombies mind off. It will make you change they way you think of a zombie game . Playing this Zombie Texas Village will make you not think of any other zombie based game ever again as long the zombies haven’t attack the wold. Zombies are everywhere in this game. You have to join the zombie smasher crew in order to shoot the zombies.

    Zombie Texas Village features :
    - Fun interactive Zombie environment in this Zombie Texas Village.
    - Zombie Texas Village is the definition of zombie challenger game.
    - Game is in landscape mode for easy shooting and access to wider range.

    Zombie Texas Village Gameplay :
    - save all the humans who are in captive
    - Shoot all the zombies until they are dead
    - Do not shoot the humans if you do you will lose
    - Endless game with super challenging zombie mode

    Download this Zombie Texas Village and share it with your friends. Give it a 5 zombies star rating so that it will boost up this store and be the only game people will play.
    This Zombie Texas Village game is designed for those who love zombies and shooting in the making


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