Zombie Tsunami implosion




    Boost your power, take your weapon and target these ghosts.
    This game is a great opportunity to prepare yourself for a zombie war, for any anticipated zombie invasion possible in your life. If you have courage, dare and are brave then you must go for it. Prepare yourself, take your 9mm Pistol or M16 Assault rifle and go to teach those ugly undead creatures a lesson.

    Bourbon and Fatty Robert with their lots of biters are ready to make you lunch. Its not enough, Cyril with many of banshees is going to invade at you. Now make your choice, Either kill to all of them or sacrifice your meat.

    In a Church, when it was raining, lots of Nightwalkers attacked at Max. Lots of Flesh Dolls attack and try to scratch Max and You have to protect him. Max has two weapons to finish them. One is strongest 9mm pistol and second is furious M16 Assault Rifle.
    Game has 5 awesome levels, having different environments including Church, Abandoned House and Tibet House. Use gun focus point accurately and preciously and fall all of ugly zombies down. Clear all levels to unlock others next.

    Shield yourself from Zombie T-Virus otherwise you will be convert to zombie. These bloody evils have thirst for human blood. They eat human brain. This ugly creature want to bite and kill you. Whole city has been turned into graveyard. Police and other armed forces are out of station. Really its time to worry and trouble.
    Have you ever consider yourself as a brave superhero ! If yes, then its time to prove and prepare yourself as a daring hero.

    Do you want to become a cadaver or live more ! Either Sacrifice yourself, give your meat to them or lead all of them to Hell.
    An amazing fun has been developed from developer for FPS shooting, arcade and action game lovers.
    Surely you want to enjoy non-stop gameplay fun till your device battery finish. Download free right now and dive into ocean of dare, courage and bravery. Leave your Kind and Honored reviews and suggestions. Keenly want to hear from you !


    ★ Amazing and realistic gun shots animation.
    ★ Full 3D stunning artwork and graphics.
    ★ Improved blood and Rifle Muzzle Flash effects.
    ★ Sober Rifle bombardment and Zombie dying sound.
    ★ Full 3D characters and environments to explore more fun.
    ★ Intuitive touchscreen controls that are easy to initiate non-stop play.
    ★ Touch weapon change button to change weapon of your choice.
    ★ Multiple weapons option: 9mm pistol and M16 assault rifle.
    ★ Weapon will auto reload.
    ★ Maintain and shield your health bar.
    ★ Cool and Realistic muzzle flash.
    ★ Realistic FPS Arcade Addicted Game to dive into life of amazement.
    ★ Experience awesome, fast-paced, visually stunning zombie shooting action.
    ★ Three different environments.

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