Zombies Defense vs Wizards




    Zombies Defense vs Wizards - clash the zombies & the tsunami of plants in this tower defense game with cool physics & tons of levels!Battle the zombies alongside the wizard to win against the zombies games before they eat you!Coolest zombie games and zombie games free on the market!The zombies are stupid,but be the first to annihilate them!Defend your town plants from zombies and earn your apocalyptic city back!Start the roadkill with zombies and start your z war against the zombies!This is a typical zombie shooting games for everybody to enjoy!Smash the zombies with your fingers and complete all zombie free games missions!Protect your apocalypse city from the monsters that want to destroy the human race!The Zombie apocalypse is here, defend your city & become a zombie killer!

    How to play:
    - Each level contains a few waves of undead creatures!
    - You have to swipe with your finger over a weapon and a sniper or mage soldier will be spawned and defend you against the undead creatures!
    - The mages soldiers will protect you and they will destroy the zombies and you will get new coins!
    - Each wave will be harder and harder, so prepare yourself!
    - Defeat all the monsters and become the nr.1 shooter of the zombies!

    - Over 100+ bloody zombie levels!
    - Collect weapons and upgrade your troops to defeat the zombie stupid!
    - Zombies will have to write their diary after you start playing!
    - Collect coins after each kill to buy more weapons in the game!
    - Special undead walkers madness abilities like rockets or ice freeze ability!
    - A new type of defense game in the zombie shooting games free area!
    - Classic zombie shooter with a new twist!
    - Play against unique undead monsters & win the battle with the zombies!
    - Ultra cool zombie survival games graphics to play with!
    - Protect your town before the dead zombie will reach its target, otherwise they will trigger the dead in the town!
    - Target the dead and defend your loved ones from this night creatures!
    - The walking into the dead are afraid of the sun and are more vulnerable to the bullets at day, so try to eliminate the dead with the trigger of a button!
    - Shoot zombies and gain bonuses each level!
    - Begin a roadkill full of zombies and eliminate all of them!
    - Enjoy this zombie smasher game and give it all in the battlefield!
    - The zombies stupid will try to trick you and gain control over the fortress, become a Zombie Killer and destroy them all!
    - Smash zombie in your free time and enjoy the zombie survival games!
    - Walk into the dead with your best armor and machines to rescue all the citizens!
    - Dash all the zombies in your way with some electric powerups!
    - Who ate my friends? Because zombies are everywhere and they should've ate my friends!
    - The wizards were terrified by the zombies so the formed the alliance of the wizardry & they started the roadkill & earn to death!
    - The zombie war started in the medieval age when a virus spread over the realm & the zombie attack started & now it's a zombie world everywhere!
    - Protect yourself from a tsunami of zombie game & clear the road of zombies!

    Download today Zombies Defense vs Wizards and enjoy this epic battle saga and help the humans defeat the undead army!

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    Jamir Lloyd

    by Jamir Lloyd

    Jul 19, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    It's like like plants vs zombies D#

    Eswar Prasad

    by Eswar Prasad

    Jul 16, 2017  |  "Awesome"


    Heather Rude

    by Heather Rude

    Jul 11, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Awesome game

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Jul 06, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    تىتةةاتنز زنونغ

    Benjamin Moyer

    by Benjamin Moyer

    Jul 05, 2017  |  "Good"

    Okay when I saw this was made with unity I had to try it because I also am very involved with unity. Now I'll start with the good: I love your design and graphics, especially the characters. I love the simplistic but well done feel of the backgrounds and I love your character design. I also like the idea of your game, a plants vs zombies style game but with magic instead of plants but still keeping the goofy zombies, I'd love to see more work but into this game and see it grow even further. Now what I didn't like as much was the voice acting, the voice is not only the same for all the characters and the zombies have little sound effects as well, but the voice actor for the characters makes it sound like I'm playing a military game, when I place a wizard and the voice that is played sounds like it's that of military personnel over an intercom, that is kind of a let down. Also not being able to sell or at least remove characters, that is a rather basic need for any strategic defense game. Another thing is that all the enemies for every wave come in the same order everytime, a huge improvement would be having the basic enemies come in different orders but of course making it a set order for a boss or special event. Ummm maybe a bit of description of the character? Who they are, what they do and then there stats. And that's all I can think of but all and all you are definitely on the right path to an enjoyable game by not making it pay to play or pay to win like 75% of the app store today and an add isn't popping up in my face every time I click a button so I definitely hope that you expand onto this game and grow it into a flawless final product. Thank you for reading.

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Jul 04, 2017  |  "Awesome"