ZyroSky is a switch-accessible runner-game. In the ZyroSky game, the robot avatar, named Zyro, has crash-landed on the planet AirO. On AirO, the inhabitants have built beautiful habitats in the sky. In order to fix the ship, Zyro must collect energy stars while jumping from one rocket base to another. A simple but engaging single-switch cause and effect App. Fun for all children, with additional features to help children with special needs. Fully customizable settings can adjust game options based on the skill level of the child.

    Key features
    • Just touch the screen to play or use an external switch (connected through a Bluetooth switch interface such as TabAccess).
    • Beginner’s options to help children gain confidence during game play.
    • Easy, Normal, and Difficult options provided. Settings can be set to address diverse needs of children with special needs.
    • Graphics and music can be graded to make this game suitable for sensory sensitive kids or for kids that are easily distracted.

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