GIF Player HD




    Highest Quality Animated GIF player – Your best GIF player for HD screens.

    Enhances image display using advanced machine vision algorithms to bring the best possible image quality for today's crisp HD screens.

    Integrates perfectly with the Android's Gallery app. Also with any File Explorer, like ES. Please note, there is no image browser built into the app itself (apart from the playlist function).

    Open any GIF or image
    • Set as a Live Wallpaper
    • Or a Daydream
    • Use as a Homescreen Widget
    • Or a Lockscreen Widget!

    Best image quality, no other player can match. Image filtering with advanced mathematical algorithms similar to those used in CGI movies or robotic vision, brings the best possible output for HD screens.
    Uses OpenGL. GPU utilisation for a smooth Live Wallpaper, Daydream, and the App animation likewise.
    Native GIF decoding. Uses highly optimized native GIF decoder for fast operation.
    Minimal battery usage. Highly optimized native routines together with graphics hardware utilisation guarantee low battery usage.
    Bounce GIFs by using motion sensor. "Shake" the GIF by shaking your device. It's fun! (available in options)
    Beautiful Live Wallpaper, Widget, and a Daydream. Set any GIF to dance on your home screen.
    Open images directly from the Gallery or the FileExplorer app. Easily open any image from your storage – just one click away.
    Immersive fullscreen mode. Use every pixel on your screen to display content.
    Zoom in with a pinch or a double click. Examine the interesting part more closely. Up to 5x zoom.
    Different playback modes. Play the movie Forwards, Backwards, or Bounce back-and-forth.
    Shake control. Shake the device to change the movie (available in options).

    GIF Player HD can be used to open any image file you click from any File Manager app. It will also be launched if you click on any of it's Playlist files from a File Manager app.
    Live Wallpaper always fills the screen, no borders. Adjust zoom and pan on the LWP preview screeen.
    Daydream will show or animate the current image/movie without using the sensor, because daydreams are typically displayed while device is at rest. Zoom and pan values applied will be like those used for the Live Wallpaper.
    Widgets will show the image or animate the current movie for about 5 seconds when clicked. Double click will launch the App.
    Play mode set for a particular movie is used throughout the App, Live Wallpaper, Widgets, and a Daydream.

    This App is supported through unobtrusive ads, with the option to remove them by an inexpensive license key.

    App is tested on the Samsung Galaxy and Nexus device families, as well as Sony, Motorola and LG devices.

    Note: First screenshot (comparison with other players) is a real-world example. Low quality, grainy GIF image with scarce color palette was chosen deliberately, to emphasize the image quality filter effect of the Gif Player HD. Try by yourself! Image can be found here

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