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    Trucks HD Wallpapers is a pack of 50 HD wallpaper images of trucks. You can install picture as wallpapers or save it to your device.

    Information about trucks:
    A truck is a motor vehicle designed to transport cargo.
    Commercial trucks in the US pay higher road use taxes on a State level than other road vehicles, and are subject to extensive regulation. A few reasons commercial trucks pay higher road use taxes: they are bigger and heavier than most other vehicles, and cause more wear and tear per hour on roadways; and trucks and their drivers are on the road for more hours per day. UPS vehicles are called 'package cars' in the US, because that exempted them from certain tax-rates.
    Trucks are subject to noise emission requirements (emanating from the U.S. Noise Control Act) in order to protect the public from noise health effects, since trucks contribute disproportionately to roadway noise due to elevated stacks and intense tire and aerodynamic noise characteristics.

    The Bridge Law deals with the relation between the gross weight of the truck and the amount of axles and the spacing between axles wheel base the truck has. Each State determines the minimum and maximum permissible weight per axle.
    Popular in Europe and Asia, many mini trucks are factory redesigns of light automobiles, usually with monocoque bodies. Regardless of name, these small trucks serve a wide range of uses. Japanese-made mini trucks that were manufactured for on-road use are competing with off-road ATVs in the United States, and import regulations require that these mini trucks have a 25 mph (40 km/h) speed governor as they are classified as low speed vehicles.
    Light trucks are car-sized (in the US, no more than 6,300 kilograms (13,900 lb)) and are used by individuals and businesses alike. In the UK they may not weigh more than 3,500 kilograms (7,700 lb), and are allowed to be driven with a driving licence for cars. Pickup trucks are pervasive in North America and some regions of Latin America, Asia and Africa, but not so in Europe, where this size of commercial vehicle is most often made as vans.
    Medium trucks are larger than light but smaller than heavy trucks. In the US, they are defined as weighing between 13,000 and 33,000 pounds (6,000 and 15,000 kg). For the UK and the EU the weight is between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes (3.9 and 8.3 tons). Local delivery and public service (dump trucks, garbage trucks and fire-fighting trucks) are normally around this size.
    Heavy trucks are the largest trucks allowed on the road. They are mostly used for long-haul purposes, often in semi-trailer or B-double configuration. he axle weight is the truck weight divided by the number of axles, but the actual axle weight depends on the position of the load over the axles. The number of steering axles and the suspension type also influence the amount of the road wear. In many countries with good roads a six-axle truck may have a maximum weight over 50 tonnes (49 long tons; 55 short tons).
    Highway-legal trucks are sometimes outfitted with off-road features such as a front driving axle and special tires for applications such as logging and construction. Trucks that never use public roads, such as the Liebherr T 282B off-road mining truck, are not constrained by weight limits.

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