The Rutaxi app allows you to order a taxi easily in all major cities of Russia at a discounted rate. Besides being cheaper than a cab on the street, you don’t have to speak Russian and you may know the price before you travel so youdon’t have to worry about a driver taking the scenic route for more money.

    All you need is a phone with a Russian SIM card. This will allow you to order a Rutaxi, get order confirmation, status updates and inform you when your taxi has arrived as well as the car model and license plate number. If you spend a lotof time in Russia, the Rutaxi app can even save your favorite addresses so ordering a taxi is as easy as 1, 2, 3... Besides a flat rate, you may order by the hour.

    Important info before using

    First you should know about Russian addresses, they vary from abroad. Besides having a numerical address, some buildings may have several buildings for one address so you must enter the building number in the correct field. Also every building may have several entrances so you must fill in this field too. Ex.: Lenin 75 building 2 entrance 3. Also a Russian keyboard found in the settings section of your phone is required.

    How to use

    1. Once you download the app, the first screen which appears will ask you to enter a city.
    2. Now you must register, do this by entering your ten digit Russian SIM card telephone number. Tap the ‘get by sms icon and prompt appears that you are requesting a password. Hit Yes and a password will be sent to your number. The sms will respond with and a 5 or 6 digit password. From there enter your password in the correct field and hit save. You will now be directed to the order a taxi page.
    3. Once you tap on the pick up point, enter the first 3 or more characters with your Russian keyboard and tap the search symbol. A chronological list will pop up listing possible streets, bus stops and popular places, tap the desired link. If it is a street address, follow these steps. Tap the street and you will be asked for a numerical address. As stated before it may require a building number too. Ex. Lenin could be 74 or 74/1 or 74/2 or 74/a and so on. If there is a building number enter the forward slash / and then the building number in the house # field. Tap enter, then enter the entrance number and then hit save. If it is a bus stop or popular place, highlight the field and hit save.
    4. Now enter where are you going to in the field marked ‘destination address:’ Repeat step 3 and hit save.
    5. You will automatically receive the cost in rubles. From there you may tap make order or add another destination if doing multiple trips by tapping add to point and repeat step 3 again. When you have added all destinations tap make order.
    6. You will have a preview of you order, look it over and tap Let's go if it is OK.
    7. The program will tell you its choosing a vehicle and after tell you the car model, color and license plate number.
    8. You may also receive a SMS with the same info as above.
    9. The app will inform you when your taxi has arrived in the status area, you may sometimes follow your taxi on the map to see how far it is from you and you will receive an automated call stating the car model, color and license plate number.

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    Michael Solomonov

    by Michael Solomonov

    Jan 31, 2018  |  "Poor"

    Мало того, что работает через одно место, а с последним обновлением ещё и доступ к контактам хочет, а иначе не ставится. Вообще офонарели

    Алексей Егармин

    by Алексей Егармин

    Jan 27, 2018  |  "Poor"

    Цена поменялась после заказа, когда сел в машину. Операторы проблему признавать отказались, направили в отдел качества. Перезвонили когда поездка уже была завершена. Сотрудники признать проблему отказались. Итог: "окончательная цена" -- маркетинговый ход, не более того. А если цена меняется уже после заказа, то не проще ли заказать Яндекс или Убер?

    Timur SS

    by Timur SS

    Jan 26, 2018  |  "Great"

    Все хорошо работает, только интерфейс не очень приятный, по цене иногда дешевле чем другие такси.

    Samat Gayazov

    by Samat Gayazov

    Jan 08, 2018  |  "Poor"

    Найдите нормальных разработчиков и сделайте так, чтобы адрес хотя бы можно было нормально ввести. Учитесь у Я и убера.

    Валентинка Брынза

    by Валентинка Брынза

    Jan 03, 2018  |  "Poor"

    Невозможно вообще войти в приложение! При входе необходимо указать номер телефона и пароль. Что это за пароль?! У меня новый телефон, а номер тот, на котором было когда-то приложение. Само собой, что никаких паролей не осталось. Странная система. Получается, теперь вообще без вариантов воспользоваться приложением.

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Dec 22, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Сбои при запуске! Новосибирск