360 Policy Implementation_




    One of the biggest challenges, the corporate world today has; is about making human resources ready for the job. Rapid changes in the technology and work system forces frequent revisions in Standard Operating Procedures which include policies, procedures and work instructions.

    Senior Management of organizations always ensures that they have best practices defined for their team. Having done this, what remains is implementation of these policies across the organization. Of course this is not challenging, simply uphill, and the only solution is 360 Policy Implementation (360 PI).

    With 360 PI the task of implementing Policy, Procedures and Work Instructions is just child’s play. The web based software integrates Documentation of Policies with Implementation and makes sure each impacted employee is aware of his job requirements.

    • The most critical part related with implementation of policies is to ensure that study and understanding of policies, procedures and work instructions is identified as essential training requirement for Job Profiles. 360 Policy Implementation appreciates this fact and the workflow starts right at this stage.

    • The software also makes sure that each Job Title across the organization is assigned with all those documents which would impact functioning of the Job Profile.

    •It is essential to see that every employee in organization is trained on policies, procedures and work instructions related with the job. Needless to say that no one can do this better than 360 PI.

    • Whenever any of the documents is revised, all employees impacted by the change are informed by the software and it is ensured that they are trained again.

    • Change in Job Title does not happen every day, however whenever occur; has deep impact. 360 PI takes care of this and makes sure that, the person is trained for additional documents related with new profile.

    • It would be a mistake to assume that employees would always have an opportunity to execute the task on higher priority. Employees and his Supervisors are repeatedly reminded about overdue training needs by 360 PI.

    • The software permits users to define retraining duration for each of the policy document and it is ensured that everyone in organization is trained again at pre-determined duration. It is well known fact that a refresher consolidates the knowledge.