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    MXR Dream Press is a software platform designed by Suzhou MXR Corporation for the education and publishing industry. The platform is designed based on augmented reality(AR), an advanced computer vision technology. At present, this platform can be used as an AR extension tool for newspaper, magazine, books and albums. By using the mobile editor, developers can design their own AR projects, and publish to the corresponding section in the MXR Dream Press. End user can download AR project by QRcode scanning or selecting from project list. By putting the trigger image in front of the camera, overlays of the trigger image will be shown on the screen. By using the MXR Dream Press, end user can enjoy themselves by the combination of 3D model, video and audio along with reading.

    Main functions:
    - By scanning the QRCode, the app can load responding AR project.
    - Including four sections: newspaper, magazine, books and albums. Developers can publish their own project to corresponding section by using the mobile editor.
    - Using nature feature tracking (NFT) and QRCode for recognition.
    - 2D and 3D overlays are supported.
    - 3D model real-time rendering are supported, models can be rotating and scaling.
    - Trigger image and overlay decouple are supported.
    - Camera switch is supported. Picture can be shared to weibo, facebook, twitter. Sending email is also included.
    - Project preview in the develop process is supported.
    - Two project downloading modes are supported: download all and run when downloading.

    The mobile editor mentioned above can be downloaded from the website of MXR Corporation:

    Supported Device:
    iPhone 4 (not recommended), iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4

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