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AccessZone Admin

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    Use your Android smart phone for setup and control of your doors and gates with AccessZone access control systems from MVC-Data ApS.

    The system allows you to use your mobile phone as a simple and secure access key. Read more at

    The AccessZone Admin app is specially made to handle AccessZone system commands for the:
    - Bluetooth Wiegand reader
    - Bluetooth Stand-alone systems

    The app uses Bluetooth to communicate with the readers for adding new users or revoking existing users with a few clicks. You can also set the configuration for the system. I.e. how the lock must operate etc.

    It has never been easier to configure an access control system.

    A command is selected and the values are entered. The command is made available when clicking on the command icon.

    Wait and enter your access PIN code (if enabled). When you hear 3 beeps enter the admin PIN code when prompted to execute the command.

    The system will make a short beep if successfully executed. You can now go back and enter the next command.

    You can also make your phone visible by Bluetooth for 300 seconds per click. The 300 seconds is a limitation in the Android OS.

    Refer to user manual at

    Please see the AccessZone User app for a simple method to make your Bluetooth visible and use it as a simple and secure key in your AccessZone access control system.

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