Admin Assessment App (AAA)




    Assessing personnel in an objective manner is a critical skill that effective managers must exercise.

    The Administrator Assessment App (AAA) helps managers to measure the contributions and skills of support personnel.

    Effective management of the Human Resource function is a critical area often under resourced by SMEs. Assessing functional HR risk factors is an assessment template in Sum2's Profit Optimizer. Wholesome management worker relationships, regulatory compliance, competitive wage and benefit offerings are but a few HR risk factors SMEs must consider.

    The AAA offers objective guidelines to properly evaluate strengths and weaknesses of employees, suggested areas of improvement and framework to determine promotions and raises.

    AAA integrates an employee evaluation survey with links to SME Risk Management blog and Sum2,llc twitter feed. SME Risk Management site provides insights, tools and news on risk factor landscapes confronting SMEs and suggested mitigation strategies to mitigate risk and seize opportunities. SME Risk Management covers the broad risk landscape of SME's. Areas covered include credit risk, op risk, macroeconomic risk, compliance and market risk among numerous others. The Sum2,llc Twitter feed covers product bulletins and announcements, breaking news and supporting resources needed for effective SME Risk Management.

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