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    Discover the Right Time to Sell Your Annuity!

    Maybe it is a car you need the money for. You won’t have to take out a loan unless you want to.

    Whatever the emergency is where you need a fairly large sum of money, you can get it with the information you will find in this guide.

    You will unlock you money so you can use it for the things you need. The investment you make may increase your money for the security of your future.

    Here are the chapters included inside the book:

    Chapter 1 – About Annuities
    Chapter 2 – Your Annuity Can Be a Tax Bomb
    Chapter 3 – Is It In Your Best Interest To Sell?
    Chapter 4 – You Have Made The Decision To Sell
    Chapter 5 – Structured vs. Lump Sum
    Chapter 6 – Reasons You Should Sell Your Annuity
    Chapter 7 – Tips You Should Know Before Selling Your Annuity
    Chapter 8 – Tips You Should Know Before You Sell Your Annuity Payments
    Chapter 9 – Exit Strategies for Annuities
    Chapter 10 – Looking For a Buyer
    Chapter 11 – Tips On What Not To Do When Selling Your Annuity
    Chapter 12 – About the Time Value of Money
    Chapter 13 – Section 1035 Exchange
    Chapter 14 – Exchanging an Annuity
    Chapter 15 – Getting Cash For Your Annuity Payments
    Chapter 16 – Selling Annuities Fast
    Chapter 17 – Cashing Out Your Annuity
    Chapter 18 – The Good and The Bad About Annuities
    Chapter 19 – Annuity vs. IRA
    Chapter 20 – Variable Annuity vs Roth IRA
    Chapter 21 – Summary

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