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    Another Man's Trash?

    Your Guide to Profitable Collecting

    It’s 5:00 a.m. and the alarm clock blasting in your ear on a Saturday morning is enough to drive you bonkers! You ask yourself, “what person in their right mind gets up at such an ungodly hour on a weekend?”

    As you swing your legs over the edge of the bed you remember, “someone who is ready to make the rounds of all the garage and yard sales in and out of town.”

    Can you relate? Has this happened to you? Have you become an antique hunter or a collector?

    If you have then you understand that it is perfectly logical to get up early and pursue your hobby. After all, this may be the day that you score big and find that widget you’ve been searching out and haven’t found yet.

    Have you got a collection of some kind? Maybe it’s a collection of ceramic cows or frogs. Maybe it’s smoking pipes or Barbie dolls or maybe even comic books.

    If you haven’t entered into the wonderful world of collecting maybe you should. People collect all kinds of things and if you are considering making antiques and/or collecting a hobby, you need to get some information before you get started.

    “Another Man’s Trash” is just the right thing for you. It will take you by the hand and explore the wonderful world of collecting. Take a look at what you will learn:

    -Antique or Collectible – Which is it? A collectible may not necessarily constitute an antique.
    -Deciding What to Collect - What should you collect – explore the options and discover some of the dozens of things that other folks collect
    -What Should You Pay – Learn how to determine the right price you should be willing to pay
    -Adding to Your collection – How and where to find items to add to your collection
    -Buying Antique Fine Art - What to look for and how to determine if it is a real antique. When does money matter
    -When to Get an Appraisal – Is there a right and wrong time to pay for an appraisal
    -Fine Antique Furniture - What are a few of the real period pieces and which pieces have true value
    -Fine China, Porcelain and Glassware - What are the most popular selections to collect and how to determine the right value
    -Antique jewelry - How to know if your jewelry is really antique and how to find the right person to appraise it
    -Rugs, Tapestries and Textiles – Explore some of the most popular items of collectors
    -Native American Artifacts - When is an item an antique and when is it an artifact. Why you should know the difference and what to be careful of.
    -Pre-Columbia Art - How to detect fakes and frauds. Exposing the underbelly of illegal trade in this market.
    -Collecting Dolls – What’s hot and what’s not
    -Baseball cards – Found a box of these in your attic? Discover what you should know about them and their value.
    -How to Make Money in This Trade – If you want to turn your hobby into a vocation here are some tips to consider.

    Before you decide that those dishes grandma left you are worth a mint, you need to become knowledgeable in the subject.

    Uncle Joe’s comic book collection may spark dollar signs in your eyes but you’d best test the waters before leaping.

    It can be difficult to separate antiques, collectibles and what items have just sentimental value.

    You don’t want to spend or lose money before you even get started.
    “Another Man’s Trash” is a great introductory guide for the “would be collector.”

    Don’t wait! Get your copy now and set your alarm for 5:00 a.m. this Saturday morning!

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