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    With AO mobileLU contractors can quickly and easily document the tasks completed at their customers. They can also give their employees orders over the app and can import the completely booked orders into their field-index.

    AO mobileLU is a product for the agricultural sector and a component of the AO Agrar-Office family.

    What features does AO mobileLU offer?
    The following functions are integrated into AO mobileLU:
    + Transfer of master data (e.g. customers, resources) from AO Agrar-Office
    + Overtake standard procedures (task templates) from AO Agrar-Office
    + Book tasks with just a few clicks
    + Support for other working places like storage or workshop
    + Collective bookings over several fields/working places
    + Receive orders, execute them and send them back as "completed".
    + Any task units (hours, hectares, etc.)

    How does AO mobileLU work?
    AO mobileLU is immediately ready with demo data after the download. To work with your own field index data you need to register for AO Cloud.

    How do I transfer my data?
    From AO Agrar-Office you export your company's data with a few clicks.
    These data will then be encrypted and transferred via AO Cloud to your mobile devices.
    Since the data is stored on your mobile device you can also work with it without an internet connection available on the field.

    Who has access to my data?
    You determine what information is sent to the mobile devices. You have at any time full control over your company's data.

    Integrated support
    Call our hotline directly from the app or write us an e-mail directly from the app.

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