Artez Event




    The Great Event mobile app is a product demonstration of the Artez App for iPhone(Android). When this app is built with your branding & messages, your charity or non-profit organization can leverage the power of mobile technology to help your event participants fundraise for your cause.

    Participants in a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign (like a run, walk or ride) can use an app like this one to:
    - Track donations on an individual fundraising thermometer.
    - View personalized event day information like dates, times, location and map.
    - Access the phone’s address books to send emails
    - Share on Facebook & Twitter
    - Instantly process secure credit card or PayPal donations
    - Learn more about your charity
    - Upload images from their phone photo library to their personal page
    - Provide real-time news and blog updates to participants

    This app is free to download. Registration in our demonstration event is also required. Please contact Artez for access to the web version of our product.