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Asbestos Essentials

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    Asbestos is the single greatest cause of work related deaths in the UK.

    This app gives health and safety guidance to those who may be exposed to asbestos at work.

    You owe it to yourself and family to be fully aware of the potential long term health effects of exposure to asbestos.
    If you are working on any property built or refurbished before the year 2000 YOU NEED TO HAVE THIS APP.

    •Tool kit to help plan jobs taking the necessary safety precautions and using the best tools and equipment for the job.
    •All HSE Asbestos Essentials safety work sheets on your phone.
    •When required email the safety sheets to your office pc for printing.

    This app uses information and Regulations applicable to the UK Construction industry. Users in other industries and countries may also find the information useful.

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