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    Areas of expertise:

    Drunk driving: including operating while intoxicated (OWI) and operating while visibly impaired (OWVI), OWI 1st Offense, OWI 2nd Offense, and OWI 3rd Offense

    Driver's license appeals: protecting your drivers license to and drivers license restoration

    Traffic violations: including traffic tickets, speeding tickets, careless and reckless driving

    Drug crimes: including possession, possession with intent to deliver, cultivation, manufacturing and distribution

    Fighting drunk driving and drug charges: we are experienced Michigan Criminal Defense attorneys who know how to fight for the best possible outcome

    Domestic violence and assault: convictions carry long-term consequences
    College crime: preserving promising futures by resolving legal problems today, providing college criminal defense services to protect your record

    Minor In Possession (MIP) and juvenile offenses: working to minimize the impact of a criminal defense charge and arrest in all areas of a young person's life

    Out-of-state client representation: convenient, cost-effective criminal defense for tourists, students and business visitors

    Internet crimes: from computer hacking to credit card fraud

    Felonies: from felonious assault to homicide, working to get your felony case dismissed and keep you out of jail
    Weapons offenses: including felon in possession of a weapon, CCW, and felony firearm, we know the gun laws and work to keep you out of jail

    CCW and CPL Law: CCW lawyers here are effective defense by an attorney and NRA member who teaches the legalities in CPL classes and has a CPL permit himself

    Larceny and stolen property: shoplifting and retail fraud, to home invasion to embezzlement

    Federal crimes: Felony lawyers can assist you in knowing what to do and say if a federal agent contacts you, protect your rights, and minimize the impact on your business, family and personal lives

    White collar crime: including embezzlement, forgery and fraud, often times our Criminal Defense Attorneys can assist in making sure formal charges never occur and the case is dismissed

    Expungement: clearing your criminal record, setting aside your conviction so that you can get a new job, or just have the peace of mind that comes with a clean record

    Bail bonds: we negotiate for a reasonable bond that allows you to stay out of jail until your trial

    Probation violations and bond violations: legal help when you are no longer presumed innocent, we often take probation and bond violations to trial and clear our clients of false accusations

    Military criminal defense: we understand military law and offer a discount to members of the United States armed services — you fight for our freedom, we fight for yours


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