AssetCheck is a simple to use Android App designed and developed to allow the manual checking of the organisations assets. It has been designed for use by employees who need to go away from their desks to physically check the condition of the organisations assets. The type of organisation could be a railway, a water company or an oil refinery, any organisation which owns and maintains equipment that needs to be checked on a reguler basis so that equipment is guaranteed to be maintained at or above a defined level.

    Its functionality includes the import of csv (Comma Separated Values) files containing asset details. These details include the item description and item location and unique item identifier.

    The item can be checked against the physical item and the condition of the asset can be set to a value, one of a set of pre-defined values and then additional information can be added to assist in the maintenance of the asset. The unique item identifier can be used when the updated asset entry is returned to the parent IT Asset system thereby allowing the main system to be updated.

    AssetCheck includes the functionality to input both the Asset Items and the set of maintenance values that can be assigned to an asset. It also includes the functionality to output the assets that have been checked together with their new maintenance value and any additional comments that have been entered.

    The system is intuitive to use and its operation can be picked up within a short time period. It requires Android 2.2 or higher.