Automaton (Pro)

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    Make your phone intelligent. Convert your phone into automaton. A real robot.

    Your phone will automatically be switched to silent mode when you enter your class, or it'll automatically start bluetooth when you are home. Brightness will be automatically set to zero if battery level is gone below 25%.
    Now how does it sound? Ain't it cool.

    You can discover more uses yourself.

    You have to create a few simple rules, and specify how your phone wants to react when those rules are met. It's just like giving rules/conditions to robot once and it'll follow them forever.

    You can create multiple profiles for multiple conditions. The topmost profile takes the highest priority.
    Default profile is provided to switch back the phone into a default state. (You can edit that as well)

    Terminologies -
    RULES - are the set of conditions which when met triggers the respective setting. The following rules can be set.

    a. LOCATION - user can select the location where a particular setting is to be applied to the device. So when user reaches that location, the phone will automatically behave according to those respective settings. This is the coolest option.

    b. BATTERY - settings can be applied depending on the battery status. plugged in/ plugged out and above/below a specific battery level

    c. TIME - set the time when the settings are to be activated and stop time to deactivate the settings. Repeat mode is provided so that the user can select the days when the settings is to be applied.

    d. WIFI - activate the settings depending on the WiFi state i.e on/off

    e. WIFI PROFILE- activate the settings depending on which WiFi connection the device is using. Say if you connect to your home WiFi connection, a particular setting will be triggered, and if you connect to your college's WiFi connection, another settings can be triggered.

    SETTINGS - Setting is the state that would be triggered when the rules are met. (If you think of cause and effect, then rules are the cause and settings are the effect)

    a. BLUETOOTH- sets the bluetooth on/off
    b PROFILE - sets the ringer mode to any one of the following stated
    1. Normal 2. Silent 3. Vibrate
    c. RINGTONE- user can select the ringtone which is to be set when the condition is fulfilled
    d. WALLPAPER - user can select the wallpaper that is to be applied to the device screen
    e. ORIENTATION - sets whether auto -orientation feature is to be activated or not
    f. SCREEN TIMEOUT - sets the screen time out. user can select the timeout period in seconds.
    g. GPS - sets the GPS state on/off
    h. BRIGHTNESS - sets the brightness of the device screen

    We are working on more Rules and Settings. If you have any suggestions, issues, do get back to us at

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