Barone's Tuscan Grill




    It all began in Naples, Italy, the city of eternal sunshine.

    “Nonno” (Grandpa) Giovanni Barone, a man with a passion for Southern Italian cooking and a talent for transforming fresh, simple ingredients into works of art opened Trattoria Barone.

    Out on the streets you could hear the kitchen pulsing with life; clattering pots, sizzling pans and Nonno’s intense voice rising above the dining room, ensuring that every dish was prepared with the utmost care. Villa Barone wasn’t just a place for eating and drinking; it was like home for family and friends to celebrate, reminisce, and enjoy the essence of Italian life. This was the realization of Nonno’s dream. Nonno’s son, Guido brought this tradition to America and now Guido’s sons Vincenzo and Giovanni bring the authentic taste of Italy to your neighborhood at Barone Ristorante Italiano.

    Nonno would certainly be
    proud… BUÓN APPETITO!

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