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    Beer Money Pro is a sophisticated profit calculator for beer and Syrup/Soft drinks by the keg.

    Calculate Profits By The Keg
    Calculate Serving Price by Profit Margin

    Choose from various U.S. keg sizes: Eighth, Syrup, Sixtel, Quarter, Wall, Import or Full and European 1/2 barrel. Great for restauranteurs and retailers as well as beer sales staff and distributors!

    Beer Money Pro displays the number of ounces for the selected keg size. Enter the keg cost, serving size and serving price and Beer Money Pro calculates and displays the profit per serving and per keg.

    Beer Money Pro allows you to see the affect on profits based on the amount of foam dispensed. Head depth from zero to one inch in quarter inch increments can be selected. Our algorithm is based on a standard U.S. 16oz conical glass. Other glass shapes can produce more or less profit.

    The increase in profit you make with a consistent head of foam is substantial. Use Beer Money Pro to find out how much.

    BMP Version 2.1 adds the ability to correctly price your product based on desired profit margin. Now you can easily calculate exactly what to charge to achieve maximum profits.

    20 Nov 2013 - Added ability to calculate servings per keg based on keg size, serving size and head depth.

    Beer distributor sales staff can use Beer Money Pro to prove to their customers the value of purchasing and installing a tap system. Your customers make more money selling product and you make more money selling systems and beverages. It's a great sales tool!

    Due to Google's security process, we had to create a new app instead of upgrading BMP 2.1. If you've already purchased BMP 2.1 and want this upgraded version, please contact us. Thank you.

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