Blinding Edge




    Business info and blog for Blinding Edge Design. Blinding Edge is a website design company that differs than most...We take pride in our work and in our clients. We are willing to go out of our way to make sure that our clients are happy and taken care of.

    Unlike most design and hosting companies, we don't have the ego that prevents free communication between designer and client. We want to hear from them, we want them to make changes, we want our clients happy.

    Our clients are all members of our family and their websites are our personal websites. We give each site the love and care as we give our own. What we enjoy most about this business is the creativity. We have found that our clients are extremely creative and often challenge us, we don't believe in the impossible.

    Another passion of ours is small business. In our view, small business is the backbone of this country and we strive to help them florish anyway we can...which is why we have partnered with the folks at Creative Business Solutions. These wonderful people care about small business as much as we do and they have inspired us to buckle down and go beyond our abilities. You can't go wrong with these lovely ladies!

    We encourage anyone that is interested in a website to contact us or Creative Business Solutions, we promise that you will find our rates to be the lowest and our services to be the very best.