Bloomer deVere




    Since the early 1980s, we have made the commitment to provide our clients with the kind of point-by-point care that is vital to ensure the full value of their investments.

    Bloomer deVere has assembled a talented group of business aircraft marketing experts, who by design serve a few select clients at one time. This enables us to direct all our attention toward helping our clients obtain their objectives.

    Our experience and knowledge, attention to detail, and focused approach to each project have produced yet another result that clients respect: our success record. That, in turn, has helped us to become an industry leader.

    By focusing on only a few projects at a time and devoting all our energy to them, we give clients the benefit of the most flexible and effective marketing and acquisition services available - at a competitive or lower cost. That is what it takes to achieve the maximum return on an aircraft investment in today's market.

    We invite you to view our inventory for sale. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We believe you will find that Bloomer deVere delivers what everyone in business seeks today - better value.

    Mark Bloomer