Boness Vets




    It is the goal of all of us here at our veterinary hospital to provide the highest standards of medical and surgical care for our patients, who so enrich the lives of their families and our friends.

    In order to reach out to our clients more, and allow you new and exciting ways of interacting with us, we have decided to develop the Boness Veterinary Hospital app.

    We hope that you will find our app very useful but that you will come and pay us a visit some time - our doors are always open.
    Some of the features of our app include:

    - Easy way to call or email us directly from within the app
    - Get directions using your phone's GPS
    - Tell your friends about us
    - Learn all about us and our services
    - Subscribe to our newsletter
    - Follow us on Facebook, twitter, or view our fantastic Youtube channel
    - Keep up with the latest news on our blog
    - Download useful pet "info sheets"
    - View our pet gallery and even submit us photos of your own to add to it
    - Useful tools such as our "Dog Food Calculator" (more coming soon)
    - Report if you've lost your pet, or found someone else's
    - Get special offers using our in-app loyalty system
    - Use your phone's GPS functionality to locate our local dog waste bins and other useful "landmarks"
    - Receive messages from us directly on your phone

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