Brown Bear Car Wash




    Brown Bear Car Wash began in Seattle in 1957. Victor Odermat opened the first Brown Bear Car Wash on 15th Avenue West, and that location is still in operation today. People discovered that Brown Bear would make sure your car was spotless. They also liked the professional, friendly attitude of our employees. Brown Bear Car Wash is also committed to protecting water and marine life. Our equipment and techniques enable us to remove toxic substances from the water we use. All of our wastewater is treated. Brown Bear Car Wash customers trust us to protect vital natural resources. Brown Bear Car Wash is still locally owned and operated by the same family that opened that first location. We've grown to become the neighborhood favorite car wash in over 38 communities and we're proud of our deep ties to the Pacific Northwest. Our customers come to Brown Bear Car Wash because they know we will save them time, protect the environment, and protect their car's finish.

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