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    This application is part of the OTISS survey system, and is used by Arboricultural Consultants to carry out BS5837:2012 surveys on trees as part of the UK development planning process. This app and your GPS-enabled android phone or tablet is an alternative to buying specialised and expensive survey equipment for on-site data collection.

    The BS5837 Survey app. works with the website to provide a range of maps and tools for carrying out BS5837:2012 planning surveys, providing PDF reports, Excel spreadsheets and CAD drawings to encorporate into your final report.

    All users must first register for an account on the OTISS website. A free 30 day evaluation period is allowed, after which an annual subscription will be charged for continued use of the OTISS system - see the OTISS website for more details. Note: this BS5837 Survey application is free to download, evaluate and use – no charges are made to your phone or Android market accounts.

    The OTISS system works as follows. (i) First, a survey is created on the OTISS website. (ii) The BS5837 Survey app is then used to download the survey to the Android device. (iii) The app is used to carry out the survey by placing trees on the map and entering inspection data. (iv) The survey data is then sync’ed back to the OTISS website. (v) OTISS website provides tools to view, modify, analyse and generate PDF reports, Excel spreadsheets and CAD drawings using the collected inspection data.

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