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    • Does your Mobile Application Scale?
    • Uncertain about how your mobile apps perform in the real world?
    • CapCal Mobile tests on real devices in real networks
    • Can you afford to NOT ensure success?

    Grid Robotics is a leading provider of PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions for development, testing, training and collaboration for all the major public and private clouds. Our innovative Windows® and Linux virtual appliances are optimized to run in today’s cloud and virtual environments to provide virtualized solutions to real world problems. Contact us today for a free trial, or for a list of our solution partners see the Partner section on our web site!

    Real World, Real Time Testing of Your Mobile Applications

    CapCal Mobile is available now on the Google Apps Store. Customers can take advantage of Grid Robotics’ crowd sourced mobile device network or build their own by spinning up a CapCal Mobile Server on one of our supported clouds and pointing their Android devices to it. Download CapCal Mobile today and become part of the Grid Robotics network.
    With CapCal Mobile Testing you get all the advantages of CapCal Cloud Testing plus the ability to run performance tests for mobile apps and mobile websites on real devices running in real networks.

    Easy Capture and Universal Import Capability

    Creating a CapCal Mobile test is simply a matter of capturing a single business transaction or activity (e.g., “purchase a widget”) from the mobile device pointing to the CapCal proxy server. You can capture tests from any device on any platform that supports proxy servers (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, etc). If you have created a performance test using another tool (Silk Performer, IBM Rational Performance Tester, Microsoft Visual Studio) you can import it directly and run it on CapCal Mobile in minutes.

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