Cattlemen's Toolbox Pro

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    Cattlemen's Toolbox Pro is a suite of tools used to calculate various EPD values among other things. This app is perfect for helping you to keep up to date records of your livestock. This app also aids in keeping records on your purebred cattle.

    Cattlemen's Toolbox Pro contains the following tools:
    Adjusted Birth Weight
    Adjusted Scrotal Circumference
    Adjusted Weaning Weight
    Adjusted Yearling Weight
    Calving Calculator
    Rate of Gain Calculator
    (More Tools Soon to be Added)

    If you don't see an Item and you would like it to be added email us, and we will integrate it into the app.

    This app requires no permissions and it is ad free.

    This app has a 7 day like it or return it policy email us and we will work out the problem quickly.

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