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    Cellica Database WiFi MS Access,SQLServer form

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    Use MS Access, MS SQL Server, My SQL, Oracle, MS Excel databases on your android.

    Carrying the databases from your Server/PC on the SmartPhone is never been so easy.

    - With Cellica Database, read & write to any desktop side database Wirelessly with your Android Phone/Tablet(using local WiFi, VPN or USB/WiFi Tethering).
    - Synchronize the changes on device and in desktop database, wirelessly and instantly.
    - You will always have the most current information at your fingertips.

    Download & install desktop software on windows based PC from the following link.

    What our clients says:

    • No changes require in existing database design for syncing directly with database, which helps it be the easiest, most user-friendly solution available.
    • View and update data on device, which will reflect to Server database immediately while in network.
    • Supports offline access to data and Changes will be synchronized later once network is available.
    • Synchronize Table/View or Stored Procedure of your database.
    • Only the changed data is synchronized in compressed and encrypted format, resulting in reduced wireless data traffic and improves battery life of the devices.
    • “Change Detection Logic” searches only updated data in desktop database and device to synchronize it.
    • No record or size limit. It depends on space available on device’s internal memory(/SD card).
    • Use SQL Select queries, Filters and Sorts to refine specific data set.
    • Supported Databases: Microsoft Access(*.mdb,*.accdb)(97 and onwards), Microsoft Excel(*.xls,*.xlsx)(97 & onwards), Oracle, SQLServer, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FoxPro, dBase, R:BASE,Sybase, FileMaker Pro, Firebird & any ODBC Compliant Relational Database.
    • Password protection for Profiles/Forms(SOHO/Enterprise Edition) & Application.
    • Make a phone call for the selected field's numeric contents.
    • Find and Find again option to search a record.
    • Data is secured as 128 bit AES use for Encryption.
    • Support Unicode language database such as Japanese/Chinese/German/ Russian etc.
    • Transfer data to SD Card or Main memory.
    • Supports Multi Record and Single Record View as default views for Database Profile on device.
    • Supports Form: Design Custom user interface using simple and easy to use form builder interface.
    • Design form on desktop with Label, TextBox, Button, Checkbox, Radio button, Combobox, DateTime, Page, Container, Location and Shape controls.
    • Design a master/detail form or a parent/child form using subform control.
    • Synchronize Image/Signature/PDF data with desktop database.
    • Supports Time/Stamp feature to find when user update particular record.
    • Supports Barcode Scan using inbuilt camera/External Barcode Scanner.
    • Use Print functionality on forms.
    • Create form in Portrait/Landscape mode

    Extra Features for SOHO/Enterprise Edition
    • Set permissions for each users like Add/Edit/Delete records for each “Database Profile” and Sync Permissions to specify one way sync or both way sync to Control device side records updates capabilities for individual users.
    • NFC Scan.
    • Macro Programming feature.
    • Graphs(Pie, Bar,Cluster,Stack,Area,Line).

    User Guide:

    Device side is free to download. User needs to purchase desktop software after 10 days evaluation period. Cost of desktop software is $44.99
    Purchase the full version software from the following link.

    Quick steps for initial synchronization setting between desktop and device.

    If you have a Firewall on your computer,open a port in Firewall using following steps.

    - Open Control Panel-> Windows Firewall-> Exceptions(Tab)-> "Add Port" -> "Add a port" dialog.
    - Select the "TCP" option.
    - Name this port information in "Name" Textbox and Add "8585" in "Port number" textbox.

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