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    This is a checklist for use on a smart phone or tablet at a work site. Most types of activities are covered by the sample checklist but when required any type of checklist can be created by the user.

    •Default checklist that covers the hazards associated with a construction site.
    •Ability to use existing checklists as templates for new checklists.
    •Start with a blank and create user specific checklists.
    •Ability to modify a checklist whilst carrying out an inspection.
    •Add photographs and comments to checks to better explain findings.
    •Add any corrective actions with planned due dates.
    •Add signatures of Inspector and Client.
    •Create and print pdfs on site.
    •Email report from site for information, storage and printing.
    •Useful during tender preparations to fully evaluate the controls required for a particular site.

    Tags: checksafe