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    CI Loyalty enables any small business owner, from a roadside hawker, a wet market grocery seller, to the operator of a small shop, to run loyalty programs like a huge supermarket or gas station chain.

    The USB Singapore edition runs on a USB-host-enabled Android device, including Samsung Galaxy S2 (with Android 4.0.3), S3 and Sony Xperia SL smartphones, and Ainol Novo 7 Flame tablets. A contactless smartcard reader should be connected to the device before the application is started. ACR122T and ACR122U from Advanced Card Systems Ltd are compatible readers. They are available from at E-Centre @ Redhill.

    CI Loyalty treats any CEPAS-compliant card, for example, an EZ-Link card, as a valid loyalty card. It records how many times a customer has visited and how much he or she has spent.

    The application is very easy to understand. There are two sets of figures for each customer - now and past. Now tells the business owner the spending and number of visits of the customer that have not been redeemed yet. Past shows how much the customer has spent and visited in the past one month. These help the business owner decide when and how to reward a customer.

    To reward a customer, giving a ten-cent discount in every visit may have very little impact. However, if the customer is rewarded one dollar every ten visits, there will be a lasting impression. This is precisely how CI Loyalty helps - enabling the business owner to create an impression that lasts.

    CI Loyalty is very easy to use too. There is no need to register a customer. After touching the card presented by a customer on the reader, if the business owner decides to reward him or her, just press the redeem button. How and what to reward are not tracked by CI Loyalty. It can be a one-dollar discount, a packet of dessert, or an orange. The business owner has complete freedom in deciding.

    Amount entry for each visit is optional. If an amount is entered, it will be available for helping reward decision making in subsequent visits.

    The business owner just needs to install CI Loyalty on his or her smartphone or tablet, get a compatible smartcard reader, and start a loyalty program right away.

    Disclaimer :

    Causal Idea is not responsible for any loss, injury or damage inflicted during and after the installation and use of the application.

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