Citizenship Counts




    Our mission is to educate today’s youth on the tenets of citizenship, encourage them to appreciate their rights and responsibilities as Americans, and give them an opportunity to celebrate their citizenship by hosting a naturalization ceremony or participating in a service learning project.

    Citizenship Counts is a non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to inspiring today’s youth by engaging them in a civics education program that teaches them to appreciate the value and responsibilities of citizenship. Our core curriculum promotes pride in American citizenship and encourages students to be involved in their communities. We empower young people to be responsible, participatory and socially-just citizens who appreciate the benefits of living in a diverse, inclusive, democratic country.

    Our multi-disciplinary curriculum provides a unique opportunity for students to plan and host a community-based naturalization ceremony in their schools. This curriculum also helps students learn about the process of legal immigration and the rights of being a citizen in the United States of America.

    Through our program, all citizens will have greater access to naturalization ceremonies in their communities. Attending these ceremonies will provide more Americans with a deeper understanding and acceptance of the role that legal immigration has played in creating our diverse and dynamic country. After the naturalization ceremony, the new citizens will be able to engage actively with students and members of their communities at a reception planned by the students.

    Our vision is to create a well-informed, responsible citizenry of individuals who are motivated to participate in service to both local and national communties.