Cloud 9 Spa for your Clothes




    Welcome to Cloud 9 day spa for your clothes: a whole new experience for you and your valuable clothing and household items.

    Remember those un-inviting, over cluttered, sometimes un-clean and often smelly dry cleaning shops? Welcome to squeaky clean minimalism, to the aroma of essential oils, to relaxing music; a perfect place to leave your valuable possessions for their spa treatment.

    Welcome to Cloud 9 day spa for your clothes; a new level of luxury in the world of garment care.

    Our garment care business has been in operation for upwards of 10 years, and has a staff with over 60 years of experience. It has a great customer base built on excellence in both garment care and customer service.

    In 2006, we decided that we could offer much more to our customers by embracing 21st century technology to deliver greater levels of service and at the same time clean up our act to save our environment for future generations.

    Have you taken a look at the majority of dry cleaning stores? Our research showed that most people thought of them as dull, untidy and often unclean in their appearance. Shop fronts cluttered with dusty packaging and an uninviting smell. This is not the place that most of the people who were surveyed would want to leave their valuable clothing and household items. It was from this perspective that we began to develop a modern interpretation of garment care, offering a whole new level of customer service coupled with state of the art equipment.