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    Cover Letter for CV
    How to Format Your Cover Letter
    Example of Application Letter

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    Premade Samples and Examples for you to copy
    Sample Reference Sheets
    The Interview
    Cover Letter for CV
    How to Format Your Cover Letter
    Example of Application Letter

    Job Hunting

    Job seekers often send out a covering letter along with their resume or a job possible employers and explaining their suitability for the desired positions.

    Employers often seek personalised and carefully written documents as one method of screening out applicants who are not sufficiently interested in their positions or who lack the required basic skills.

    Such missives can often be categorised along a couple of different purposes:

    An Application for a specific, normally advertised, job position (“a letter of application” which responds to a known job opening).

    As an expression of interest in a particular employer generally, when the job seeker does no necessarily know if there are any current openings (“ a letter of inquiry” which inquires about possible positions).

    Alternative Use - For an Internship

    Prospective students are frequently requested to submit a covering letter for an internship application. Such a document may well give details of extracurricular and/or academic activities and successes. In spite of this personal information, a standard business letter format should be adopted.

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    We've recently added:
    Cover Letter for CV
    How to Format Your Cover Letter
    Example of Application Letter

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