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    Welcome to the CPDconnect FPA App, the perfect partner for all finance and accounting professionals in Australia.

    With the push of a button...

    - this free App tracks and reports your CPD and CPE activities
    - you can view and select only those training options that suit your needs
    - you can easily take control of your professional development future.

    As a professional in the finance and accounting industry you are required to complete, track and report your CPD (and CPE) activities to maintain your accreditation. You may also want to track and demonstrate your professional development history for your CV, employer... or future employer.

    Your CPDconnect FPA App does this and also notifies you of upcoming events that are of interest to you. You can even register for upcoming CPD training and events through your App. With your App you can choose to keep your professional association(s) in the loop on your CPD activities. Make audits a breeze, eliminate time consuming manual tracking, paper trails and searching all over the place for the best training to advance your professional career. With the assistance of your CPDconnect FPA App meeting your ongoing professional accreditation requirements has never been so simple... taking control of your professional development future, never so easy.


    QR codes will start to appear with training information and material from major CPD training and content providers in Australia throughout 2012. To track, record and report details of your CPD activity, simply open your CPDconnect FPA App and scan the related QR code. That's it! Relevant information in relation to your CPD activity, be that training workshops, conferences, technical reading, e-learning etc. will automatically be filed for you.


    You can email a report to yourself directly from the App or login to your personal App page at (using the same login as you set up in your CPDconnect FPA App) and access more detailed analysis of your CPD activities. This is great for audit purposes and ensuring that you are on track in retaining your professional accreditation.

    For those in the Financial Planning field the full report from your App will show ASIC competencies and professional dimensions where available. For those in the BAS and Tax Agent fields the report will show the areas required by the new Tax Practitioners Board.

    Tailored to your preferences

    Select your area of specialty or interest, for example tax, superannuation, audit, financial planning, etc. For your convenience all your relevant CPD training options will be pushed to your App with specific links back to the CPD training and content provider for full details. Finding, identifying and accessing relevant high quality training has never been so easy.

    Participating Professional Associations in Australia

    Professional associations elect to participate in and be an integral supporter of the CPDconnect FPA App. There are many advantages to you as a professional when your association comes on board. The team at CPDconnect is hard at work to assist your professional associations in the accounting, tax, superannuation and financial services industries to be part of the CPDconnect FPA App experience.

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