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    Dynamics CRM 2011 Online - Contact List - NO SERVER COMPONENT REQUIRED.

    This application allows you to download and store your Dynamics CRM 2011 (CRM Online) contacts. The data is stored on the phone and can be updated from the server whenever desired. You can then scroll through your list and email/call/map the listed contacts.

    I built this as a proof of concept and also for my own use, as I typically like to keep my business and personal contacts separate on my phone, and this lets me keep my business contacts out of my personal contact list.

    1. Download/Install
    2. Click the 'Sync' button, you will get a dialog for entering your connection information.
    3. On the first text box on the dialog, enter your Dynamics CRM Online 'prefix' that you use to access CRM Online. For example if the URL you access is, enter ONLY 'entropyspecialists' in the first line.
    4. Enter your Live ID and password on the other two boxes. This information is then stored in the private config section of your phone and is not tracked or accessed for any reason other than to login to CRM Online.
    5. Click "OK", and wait for the synchronization to complete.
    6. You should now see a list of all contacts that show up in your 'My Connections' view in CRM Online.
    7. Click on a contact in the list, and you will see a dialog that will let you Call / Email / Map the current contact.

    Please treat this as a BETA release, it works well for MOST of the CRM orgs I have access to, but there are a few that do not seem to work for some reason. I would /really/ appreciate feedback rather than trash ratings while I try to work out the kinks with any volunteer users who decide to download and run the app.

    * ONLY works with the latest version of CRM Online (2011)
    * ONLY syncs contacts that you are in your 'My Connections' view.
    * Should now work with CRM4 (Europe) and CRM5 (Asia) orgs.

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