"Bringing engagement to the field"
    cyzen is a cloud service for businesses that optimizes results and efficiency in a wide variety of field jobs.

    Thanks to the know-how and ideas of the over 1,100 companies that use cyzen, our feature count has grown by 6x!

    cyzen, as "The Field CRM", constantly strives to have world-class response time, usability and an easy learning curve. Please experience its intuitive user interface and surprising speed for yourself.

    Bringing success against these types of business challenges
    ・Introduced a CRM but it isn't being used in the field
      - Backed by over 1,100 companies, your people in the field will want to use cyzen themselves
    ・Only able to evaluate salespeople based on their results
      - Increasing the number of salesperson visits and improving the quality of negotiations has led to the doubling of order rates
    ・Don't understand the processes or ways of working used by supervisors and management for store management and display quality checking
      - Take advantage of free time to reduce constrained time of display quality checking and improve the quality of display and stock checking work
    ・Delays in maintenance task dispatching and trouble managing complicated maintenance reports
      - Team member information at your fingertips makes it easy to quickly dispatch the right support staff, and reports can be easily created and shared using a smartphone.
    ・For nursing care, medical care or dental care, don't know where the doctors or staff are or how they are moving between appointments
      - Now you can create schedules, check the current locations of staff and change schedules to respond to urgent needs.
    ・Hard to manage information sharing and construction photos for multiple construction sites
      - Reduce the burden of managing photo data, including field status information sharing based on field location and process information for each building in the field.
    ・In the freight industry, a lack of same-day delivery status confirmation causing complaints from customers
      - Increase customer trust by understanding the delivery status based on positional information from the field.

    Main Features
    ・Sales support features
    ・Customer management features
    ・Photo management features
    ・Store management features
    ・Action content recording and reporting
    ・View action history for yourself and your members
    ・Real-time information sharing
    ・Time/dynamic management features

    How to get started
    ・Create a new user, or join an existing group
    ・Group managers can share their group ID through SMS or e-mail
    ・Join an existing group using a group ID provided by group managers
    ・Tap the "Punch In" or "Punch Out" button to manage your attendance at work

    ・As of July 2016, the service name has been changed to cyzen (formerly GPS Punch!).

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