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    Dr. Amos Raviv is an expert in the managerial support of companies and corporations found in different stages of their business development: Israel Ports, Israel Railways, Oracle Israel, Dead Sea Works, First International Bank, Atarim Company, Eilat Beach Development Company, Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv University, and others.
    Amos Raviv is an expert in initiative and entrepreneurship, identification of business potential, definitions of the business and consumer environment, identification of new marketing niches, researches on construction of management and marketing infrastructures, financing arrangements, identification of investors and collaborators, and actual assistance in actions from development to marketing.

    Strategic Customer Relationship Management (SCRM) is the development, training, assimilation, and support of systems of business and strategic customer support: characterization of the strategic clients, hierarchical mapping, definition and development of service providers, development and management of designated instruction and training constellations, establishment of client files, and construction of a system of feedback and control.

    Till now Amos Raviv has supported about 300 business plans in diverse topics as they were implemented in the field. Amos Raviv is an expert in the area of IT systems, such as Oracle, CRM, SRM, and ERP. Amos Raviv is an expert who serves as a professional director in corporations and companies.

    Amos Raviv’s work method is characterized by its applicability and operability, learning about and familiarity with the company, in-depth focus on its business core, analysis of the problems, strategic thinking on the position topics, development of a strategic business plan that combines scientific tools and applied tools suited for society, taking into consideration the company’s workers, organizational culture, vision, and purpose. All these help the owners and managements to improve, to the greatest possible extent, the business assets and other resources at their disposal. The company’s success and meeting of the milestones it set for itself are the shared basis for the company and for Raviv Business Consulting and Strategic Management.

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