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    Dear Client,

    My philosophy about exercise is two-pronged:

    (1) Durability trumps all.
    (2) True strength is built from the inside … out.

    My mission is to share the love of fitness. I believe in pushing my clients beyond their pre-conceived limits. However, I do not believe in driving them into the ground – thus risking injury.

    True fitness is durable. It is not defined by how “skinny,” “buff” and “wickedly strong” you get in 30 days. It’s measured by how healthy, energetic, and happy you are in the long run.

    There are shortcuts. This program doesn’t take them. You will work; you will work hard. But I won’t prescribe exercises at the expense of your body’s ability do those exercises tomorrow, next year, and twenty years from now…

    In my opinion, that’s what fitness is all about. It’s about staying active with the goal of staying active. Hotness and brute strength are the “bonus factors,” which come as a logical consequence of your sweat and consistency.

    Your diet also plays an extremely significant role. This program will include information on eating right. Be advised: Bad diets obscure the benefits of good exercise. However, consistent exercise will help strengthen your body AND your resolve to resist bad food and/or too much food.

    Looking forward to getting started & sticking to it!

    High-Fives and Hugs, Ruth (408) 314-1840

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