Take a dynamic sales assistant with you wherever you go, with easyCRM. This powerful application helps you to organize and manage your business, sales, leads and more. easyCRM will even analyze and forecast for you.

    You’re a busy sales rep or entrepreneur. Things are going well but it’s dog-eat-dog out there and you’ve got to keep up with the pace to grow your business. It’s not just cold calling leads, going to meetings, closing deals and networking, either. You’ve got to track your sales, do your forecasting and figure out which products aren’t selling anymore. How are you doing that?

    Naturally, you could hire people to handle the tedious background work. They could give you figures and analysis reports, as long as you want to see them during business hours. On the other hand, you can spend less than five bucks, take full control and have the information at your fingertips 24/7. All you have to do is download easyCRM and put it to work for you.

    easyCRM is a powerful, yet inexpensive tool that takes your customer relationship management seriously. You feed it your information and it gives you finished output that you can access anytime, anywhere.

    True to its name, easyCRM is simple to use, you won’t have to spend hours trying to figure it out. This app does the work for you, organizing and keeping track of all your prospects, appointments, leads, meetings and calls. Creating, adding and customizing entries only requires a tap and a type. Let easyCRM take it from there.

    You’re going to love the power and efficiency of the easyCRM app. No more dragging your day planner around, no waiting for product reports and forecasts.

    Manage, organize and track sales, leads, meetings and events; compare sales between products, discover your hottest selling products in a glance; analyze and forecast your sales by product or lead. You’ll even know which products are sold, or still in the negotiation process for a single prospect. easyCRM does it all!

    This is an amazing business activity resource that performs a ton of those important but time consuming tasks, directly from your Device:

    * Manage and track your sales opportunities and leads
    * Manage and organize your meetings, tasks and events
    * Analyze and forecast your sales, product wise and lead wise
    * Create call and meeting logs right after they take place
    * Showcase your pending and overdue events separately to prioritize planning
    * Add and track multiple products with different lead state to a single prospect
    * easyCRM’s dashboard lets you know which of your product is hot
    * Compare your product sales against other products
    * Create and customize your products dynamically
    * Create and add your Events dynamically
    * Create and add your Lead states dynamically
    * Backup and restore facility to safeguard your data from any kind of corruption and loss

    You simply can’t go wrong if you want to be informed and organized. The app equips you and frees you up to concentrate of what makes your business thrive – making sales.

    Put a hard working sales assistant right in the palm of your hand. Download easyCRM now.

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