Let’s face it, contact lists are broken. EasyGrouper is the intelligent way to manage your organization’s contact information. The EasyGrouper app is your mobile corporate directory, no need for everyone to maintain their own contact list of their fellow employees. Carry multiple devices? EasyGrouper will lighten your load with all the company info you need on your phone or tablet.

    - Instant access to your organization’s contacts to send a text, email, call, and locate important company information, all in your pocket.
    - Change contact information once on our service, and it’s automatically pushed to everyone in your EasyGrouper account. Everyone always has the most current version.
    * Pro feature: Set your status to quickly let your colleagues know when you’re traveling, out sick, working from home and more.

    - Profile pictures help introduce new hires to your team and make it easier for everyone to “put a face with a name”.
    * Pro feature: Build teams (Groups) and create Locations on an as-needed basis to better organize your employees. If information is sensitive, you can make a Group “private”.
    * Pro feature: Groups and Locations feature enhanced Information pages that work with the capabilities of your device. Tapping a phone number, email address, web link or street address loads up the appropriate application immediately.

    - Sync your EasyGrouper contacts with your device contact list for enhanced functionality, or keep it separate. The choice is up to you.
    - Google Apps for Business users can easily sync with EasyGrouper. No need to add, edit or delete users, that all happens automatically. EasyGrouper fills the gap left by Google Apps, letting employees put in their own contact information and have it automatically push to everyone's mobile device.
    - Use advanced Bluetooth in the car? EasyGrouper integrates to provide voice dialing for work contacts while driving.

    * Requires a valid and current EasyGrouper user account.

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