eFileCabinet Online is a file management tool that allows you to upload documents, photos, and videos to the internet, then access them anytime, anywhere. The files are stored in the cloud so you can access them wherever there is internet by logging into your eFileCabinet account. From this central location you can then capture, protect, manage, download, share and print files. With the eFileCabinet Mobile app, you can access everything stored in your eFileCabinet Online account, plus benefit from advanced mobility, security, and a smooth user interface.

    Easily pull up important documents while on the road, without taking up valuable storage space on your mobile device. Hold meetings out of office and still have access to your vital information. Share documents with colleagues with the flick of your finger.

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    •Allows you to access all files stored in your eFileCabinet Online account.

    •Preview files before downloading.

    •Download and open documents in other apps.

    •Email files to your contacts.

    •Photograph documents with mobile camera and upload to eFileCabinet account in place of scanning.

    •Upload native images of Android as PDFs.

    •Print your files from your mobile device.

    •View file size for each item you download.

    •Create new Drawers, Folders, and move Files, Folders and Drawers around.
    •Multi-page previewer that allows pinch and zoom on the images that it displays.

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