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    EMO-CAUSE gives you the emotional cause of any symptom or disease.

    The information in this app is used extensively to study METAMedicine , Biogeneiology, biodecoding and new medicine / neue medizin.
    -Are you frustrated on how to solve your personal physical issues or those from your clients?
    -Do you recognise that you sometimes work hard to resolve something, but nothing happens?
    -On what emotion do you need to work on when you have a physical issue, like eczema?
    -What was the emotion behind the low insulin levels again?... and how does it react during stress or regeneration?

    You can have these answers in your pocket and on your iPhone.
    Learn the emotional causes of any disease quickly and easily with this app. Simply select the tissue with the issue and your emotional issue will be shown. Often this emotional issue is the main theme running in your life. So when you solve this you will make a quantum leap in your personal development.

    Know what to work on (with EFT, hypnosis, NLP, TLT, etc etc) when people present physical symptoms to you. No longer trial and error, know the exact issue to work on immediately.
    -Have access to cutting edge health information in your pocket
    -Access this information everywhere, 24/7 and NO internet connection required.
    -Search for scientific relations of emotion and disease when you need to. Easy and fast.
    -Work on the core issues of the client / or yourself

    Key Features
    -All main organs are mapped
    -Full METAMedicine Database in your pocket
    -Easy and fast access to the information needed
    -Over 100 different organ reactions
    -Store your favorites for easier access
    -Search the entire database
    -All data is stored on your device, no internet connection needed !!!

    The content in this app is provided as general health information only. It is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment of any health condition or problem. Any questions regarding your own health should be addressed to your own physician or other healthcare provider.

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