Equipment Inspections




    AgSafe (formerly FARSHA) is providing this app to agriculture employers in British Columbia as a means to comply with section 4.9 and 16.34 of the BC Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OHSR), and as a best practice for ensuring agriculture-related mobile equipment is safe to use before being operated at the start of each shift.
    This app is a mobile tool designed to allow an equipment operator to quickly, effectively, effortlessly and electronically conduct an on-the-spot pre-operation inspection of the mobile equipment to ensure its safe operation.
    The app contains a unique pre-operation checklist for each type of mobile equipment that might exist on the farm or ranch. Once the operator completes the inspection, it can be submitted via email to those responsible for managing the health and safety records.
    Following submission of the pre-operation inspection, the person responsible can download a Microsoft Access database from to assist with managing and storing the completed pre-operation inspections.

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