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    About ExCalc

    Modern leasing and finance B2B application.

    If you are the owner of a leasing company or a financial institution and you want to have a modern communication channel with your customers – ExCalc is ideal for you!

    This rich leasing and finance calculator lets you present your offers online. It lets the customer create calculations of chosen cars (using the car configuration interface or handpicked leasing return cars). It makes the communication between dealer and customer easier and makes it possible to connect to the central system (view running contracts, see customer profile).

    Thanks to its elastic architecture, ExCalc can work offline using its own database or it can be configured to use a backend system (provided by ExCalc a leasing company) over Web Services. Those services are well documented and easy to implement.

    About the calculation

    ExCalc lets you perform leasing and finance calculations. In leasing calculations the interests are calculated at the beginning of the payment period (payment in advance) and in finance at the end. The calculation method is independent from the object being calculated and it is compatible with the calculation method used in HP financial calculators. Gross and net calculation is possible. The application uses Euro currency by default, but it is very easy to change the currency using ExCalc server.

    A default monthly payment (installment) is calculated, but it is possible to change the value being calculated through the user interface. Using this feature you can change the monthly payment to reach a given residual value or you can calculate the first payment or the object price.

    ExCalc uses standard methods for getting rid of the rounding-off difference.

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